Harmonious Reviews

wertyasdfzxcv123                                                                APR 4 2019

I always enjoyed and loved the company of mature women. I used to have my regular but of late was not able to meet her.

So, I happened to look around for MILF and liked harmony right away. I grabbed my phone and checked to see if she’s available as her ad said she was in South Bay. She put me at ease on the call and was easy to setup an appointment. We agreed on a time and I drove to her place and she gave me her room number once I reached parking lot. I rang the door bell and the behind the door was this beautiful woman of my dreams. I’m so glad that I met her. I wouldn’t go into too much of details of what happened between us ( that’s our personal and private space). Had “loads” of fun.  We need you in Bayarea more than in Sacramento. Visit us more often.

Can’t wait to meet you in the bay my new MILF. See you soon
Golferman                                                                                  Feb 5 2019
Harmony is a super nice person she is so down to earth and easy to get along with.  She will just go with the flow and won’t try and push you in one direction.  I started seeing her in her west Sacramento location but got to say I like her new location a lot better.  It is convenient and above all safe and discreet which is one of my main things as I like to feel safe and not worry about my car.  She is also super easy to book and has never flaked on me again a big thing with me.  My only complaint is I wish she would come to the Bay Area more often.
HonestGentleman                                                                   June 6 2018
It was the first time we’d met and she is very sexy and I couldn’t help but being attracted to both her looks and her energy. We talked a while, sipped some Gin and then we made our way to each other’s erotic embrace. She was awesome to touch and taste and we had an orgasmic crescendo. Very special lady to be treated with respect. Be good to her. Will definitely see her again.
Sparky21 July 20, 2018
So I saw this incredible woman about a mont ago. I forgot to review her so I searched for a listing and finally connected with her again. We texted a bit and set up an appointment in Santa Cruz. Clean place, but never being to this hotel, I almost got lost. When I did finally reach her door, I was impressed. She gave a hug and said “if I’m not what you were expecting you can leave if you like.” I was not going anywhere. I had a MILF fantasy and she lived up to it. She had on sexy   Lingerie And smelled awesome. We chatted for a bit and then started kissing. Very nice. I was amazed how tight and tone here body was. I would expect that on someone in their 30’s. She made me feel relaxed. The half our was up too fast but I can’t wait to see her again soon.
Mrlingua71 December 03, 2018
I was in the area when I saw Harmony’s ad. Set up easy and soon met her at a cozy I call in the east bay. Harmony is a sexy and sultry milf type with nice legs and a big rack I’m actually an ass man but she was peaking my interest It paid off. Her game was on point as the baby blues  gaze at you And the view from the rear was priceless especially with that back arch. Harmony has got the goods and would put others half her age to shame. Go check her out.