Turn me on

Fantasies, what turns me on.Although I enjoy playing out your fantasies I have a couple of my own.

The Subway

The subway car was filled with people. I managed to squeeze my way into a corner in the back . I prefer to stay on the outside I don’t like people behind me. I couldn’t turn to see but I felt it as one more person squirmed their way into the overcrowded car and decided to position themselves directly behind me. Now I knew this person is a he as he pressed up against my back when the train jerked the car back down the tracks. I could feel his jeans bump into my ass. I’m wearing a skirt a little risque but not too slutty with g string panties

His breath is warm and i got goose bumps as i felt it on my neck and he pressed his body more firmly against mine. He reaches under my skirt, the string of my panties did not interfere with his fingers as they explored my begging clitoris. I make a slight effort to pull away from him but with his other hand around my waist he pulled me in tighter to him and softly whispers in my ear, “ it’ll be over before we get to your stop and you will be wanting more” His lips brushing my neck, I feel myself getting wetter as he presses his cock up against me. Continuing to pleasure me with his fingers he notices how wet i have become and he whispers again… “I see you already do”

His hard cock is now pressing against my pussy, searching for the entrance, I wiggle to help guide it into me. . As he enters me slowly I feel his breath again on my neck, “sssshhhhh”I gasp. He finishes as the train arrives at my stop. I try to compose myself to exit, shaking slightly, I turn to get a look at this stranger that had just violated me. He’s gone.

I can’t stop thinking about the subway ride yesterday so I return the next day at the same time, in the same spot on the same train. Im not sure what I am there for. The doors are closing, he’s not here. The train jerks as it takes off I stumble backward bumping into something familiar. I start to turn around. Hands stop me and he whispers “no, not yet, just be a good girl and enjoy the ride”

And I do.